Harvard Uncertainty Speech Corpus

The Harvard Uncertainty Speech Corpus is a collection of speech recordings, elicitation materials, level of certainty annotations, and acoustic-prosodic data. The utterances were recorded in a laboratory, in a question-answering setting. In total, the corpus contains 1700 utterances from 42 speakers of American English, 148.79 minutes of speech.

Corpus properties

  • Utterances range in level of certainty {uncertain, neutral, certain} by controlling the difficulty of the questions
  • Repeated instances of specific words and phrases (e.g., sycophantic, Red Line, nine)
  • Level of certainty labels from a panel of listeners as well as from the speaker
  • Crowdsourced item difficulty scores (digit domain only)

How to get the corpus

While this page is in the process of being updated, materials below are available upon request.
  • Elicitation materials
    • vocabulary
    • transportation
    • digits
  • Digital recordings
    • available upon request for research purposes
  • Level of certainty annotations
    • self-reports
    • listener annotations
    • difficulty scores
  • Acoustic-prosodic data

Related Publications

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For questions, please contact Heather Pon-Barry.